Desk Top Publishing

Duration: 2 month

    Corel Draw

  • Introduction of Corel Draw
  • Page Layout,creating, saving and restoring files
  • Brief description of Corel Tools
  • Performing operation Like Move, Rotate, Duplicate & Coloring Objects.
  • Manipulating curves with shape Tools & Power user Defined Style
  • Working with outline Tools


  • Introduction of Photoshop
  • File browser and hilling brush
  • Web Transparency
  • Work space.
  • Tool pre set commands
  • Auto color command Working with photoshop
  • Create a new Image window
  • Change in image pring size
  • Change in image canvas size
  • Cropping a image
  • Use of zoom tools
  • Change screen mode
  • Use of all tool

    Page Maker

  • Introduction of pagemaker
  • Description of Page maker Interface & Tools
  • Creating,Inserting, Deleting through Pages
  • Importing the Text created by external word processor
  • Arranging the text & saving, colors caption
  • Working with rulers & grid to align the objects
page maker